Volkswagen goes 'boring' with ID 2all design – and it's a good thing

You see, the brand new Volkswagen ID 2all idea appears precisely like you'll assume a Volkswagen to appearance. Which, confusingly, is fully unexpected.

In the electrical era, Volkswagen has frequently regarded like it`s seeking to get away its wealthy historical past. It opted in opposition to the use of traditional version names for its bespoke EVs, who prefer the brand new ID sub-emblem, and it gave the ones fashions their personal distinct, EV-centered styling.

And they`ve been fine. They simply haven`t been very… Volkswagen. And whilst you`ve were given a emblem with the sort of wealthy historical past of highly popular, genre-defining cars, that`s a waste. What enables Volkswagen stand aside from the numerous new opponents chasing its clients is that familiarity, that historical past, that actual warm temperature many experience for the emblem.

So the ID 2all doesn`t appearance mainly revolutionary, or futuristic, or maybe electric. It looks as if a Volkswagen. And for a long-time Polo or Golf motive force who loves their vehicle however is thinking about the transfer to an EV, that`s a excellent thing.

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